Unique for a Reason

Hello, I’m David Garcia… founder of eBike Nomads.

The first thing you’ll notice about us is that we’re VERY DIFFERENT from other bike tour operators—because we’re really not a bike tour company at all. We explore spectacular places by ebike, but that’s pretty much where any similarity ends. To better understand, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I created eBike Nomads.

First, I’m a life-long cyclist. I love bikes, planning bike trips, taking bike trips, talking about bikes and bike trips, and looking forward to my next bike trip. To say that I’m passionate about cycling is an understatement.

That said, my cycling world changed the first time I explored Europe on a bike. You see, another passion is old-world European architecture. As an architect myself, I’ve long held a love of centuries-old European villages and cities. I visited and photographed them when I could, but never really experienced these great places properly until I traveled amongst them by bike. To absorb at the pace of a bike rather than just visit by car or train was something that I did not anticipate… and something that became a life passion.

The third passion that plays into the eBike Nomads formula is my love of sharing new experiences. It’s one thing to explore and be amazed but, for me, that joy is multiplied exponentially when it is experienced with others.

So, there you have it: the basic recipe for eBike Nomads: a simple organization that allows us to explore great places by bike—and share those experiences with a few new friends.

Each year I select amazing places to visit and ride, then invite a few friends to customize those trips and join us. I provide great ebikes, plan routes, book fabulous lodgings, provide vehicle and logistical support, and make it possible for you to join with the confidence that everything is ready for you to have an unforgettable experience. Just show up, hop on the bike, explore, eat great food, and create forever memories. All you need to bring is enthusiasm, a sense of curiosity, basic cycling skills, and a yearning for fun and adventure.  We take care of the rest.

This year, we’ve expanded our offering to include four different types of trips:

  • Traditional Bike Tours — We stay in Boutique Hotels and move every couple of days
  • Bike Villa Tours — We stay in a luxury villa in one location for the entire week
  • Bike+Photos Villa Tours — These trips are co-led by a professional photographer
  • Alaska Sea Cruise+Biking Tours — These are co-hosted by an Alaska tour company on their 85-foot expedition yacht

Contact us so that we can make one of these trips YOUR custom adventure. And be sure to add your name to our email list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.

Happy Cycling… I hope to see you soon.

Small Group Sizes

Full-Time Van Support

Fabulous Lodging

eBikes for All

Photo Workshops

Small Group Sizes

  • Groups limited to 6 guests
  • Intimate, personal experiences
  • Perfect for private groups
  • Couples, friends, or solo travelers welcome

One of the hallmarks of every eBike Nomads trip is our small group size. We limit the group to six guests plus two guides, for a truly intimate and personal experience. A few good friends, new or old, traveling and exploring, experiencing cultures and places that enrich us as as we expand our horizons.


There’s a big difference in how we experience things: What we bring to the moment colors what we see and how we feel. It’s important to eBike Nomads to cultivate our small group to be close, to be personal. We care about each of our guests and do everything we can to make sure each has a great experience. We couldn’t do that if we had a large group, but we can if we’re amongst a few good friends.
Create your own Nomad Clan

One way to make a trip completely personal is to build your own group. It could be a friends gathering or a family reunion or a team retreat. Assembling your own group means you’re experiencing new places and memories with people that mean the most to you. It also means we customize the trip to you.

Traveling solo or double

While it’s wonderful to travel with your own group, traveling solo or with another important person can be even more rewarding. Trip rates are based on double occupancy, with rooms set up with one bed or two as you prefer. Solo travelers can request a private room for an additional charge.

Fully Supported

  • Full-time van support
  • Guest gear transported each day
  • Available to offer ride support or a break from cycling
  • Supplies, snacks, lunch always nearby
Our Nomad travels are marked by perfectly paced rides through some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Traveling on ebikes, we enjoy the extra support that electric assist affords, especially on more difficult terrains and extended routes. But we don’t just rely on ebikes to guarantee maximum enjoyment. We also have a passenger van that can carry all of our bikes and all of our guests always at the ready.
Not everyone will want to tackle every climb or extended distances each day. But take heart, an eBike Nomads adventure is not a feat of strength or an endurance test; it is a journey to be relished. In order to make sure the experience remains paramount, our van is always nearby to offer support as wanted.
The great advantage of having our van support always at the ready is that removes the questions, “Am I fit enough for this ride?” or, “How many miles will we ride this day?” from consideration. The answers are simple with eBike Nomads: “You’re exactly fit enough to ride as many miles as you want.”
Everyone is different and we’re dedicated to making sure everyone enjoys the experience. That’s the eBike Nomads experience.

Fabulous Hotels and Villas

  • Historic facilities of great character
  • 3- and 4- star ratings
  • Extra amenities: spas, messages, equestrian
  • Restaurants featuring regional cuisine
  • Luxurious accommodations

As Nomads, we travel the country soaking in grand scenery and experiencing changing culture salong the way. Our ebikes and van support make sure we’re never overly taxed in making the journey, but part of the experience is making the journey as an active participant. Expending the energy to be full participants is why we’re on an eBike Nomads adventure.

After a day’s ride, we will have earned a great place to rest… one that not only provides comfort and all the amenities we want, but one that feeds us with more than just an accommodation. EBike Nomads understands that where we stay each night affects not only our need for rest but also our desire to continue the adventure.


Not only is it necessary that each night’s accommodation be located at the place that marks the end of a day’s ride, it also must be in a place with characteristics that beckon us to explore further. We select boutique hotels where historic centers or hiking trails continue and enhance our day’s journey. Where we arrive is part geography and part locale; if the two combine well, the experience can be magical.


All fine hotels offer creature comforts, but not all do it in the same way. An historic building or former monastery or restored castle exude character; a chain hotel offers something worthwhile, but probably not quite so rich. EBike Nomads seeks out hotels with special character at every opportunity. Whether it’s a centuries-old building or a modern ski chalet, you can be sure that we’ve chosen lodging that enhances the place and tantalizes the senses.

eBikes for All

  • eBike Nomad’s fleet of ebikes
  • Fitness is not an issue
  • Customizable power support
  • Extra batteries at the ready

Our bikes are REAL bikes, with front suspension, flat bars, nimble handling, and all the other things one expects of a great riding bike. When you pedal, the bike goes. When you stop pedaling, the bike coasts to a stop. And when you have electric assist on, the bikes internal motor gives your legs a bit (or a lot) of oomph. Hills level out, flats go faster, and the fun goes through the roof. It’s the closest thing any of us will get to knowing what a professional rider experiences when they go for a casual stroll on the bike. Yeah, it’s really that fun.

eBike Nomads Bikes

eBike Nomads maintains a fleet of top-quality Canyon electric mountain bikes perfect for riding “off-the-beaten-path” routes featured on so many of our routes. Whether we’re on a gentle paved back lane, a gravel country road, or a rugged trail climbing a spectacular ridge, our bikes provide the comfort, handling, and power assist that will make your ride all that you want it to be.

Fitness is not an issue

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How fit do I need to be to ride with eBike Nomads?” The answer is pretty straightforward: “You need to be exactly as fit as you are.” That is not to say that being more fit isn’t a good thing. We ride ebikes and have available van support for a reason: we want you to enjoy your riding experience to the fullest. This is about having fun and we provide the support to make it happen.

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