Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book all available guest spaces for a trip?

Of course! Each segment of a trip allows for up to six guests. When booking more than two places for any segment, a 10% discount will be applied to all reservations after the first. (Special accommodation can be made for more than two guests reserving multiple trips. Ask us for details.)

Is there a discount for booking on multiple tour segments?

Yes, eBike Nomads encourages guests to book multiple trips, especially contiguous trips. Any booking after the first will be discounted 10%. (Special accommodation can be made for more than two guests reserving multiple trips. Ask us for details.)

How fit do I need to be?

There is no simple answer. The better your fitness, the more you’ll enjoy the riding. But even if you’re not as fit as you might like to be, you can still enjoy our trips for two reasons: 1) we ride eBikes, so you can have plenty of power assist if you want it, and 2) we have van support nearby almost all the time, so you can hop off the bike and shuttle forward. We do recommend, however, that you spend as much time on a bike before your trip to… ahem, condition your bottom. Take this seriously; an hour on the bike before is one less hour of discomfort on your trip.

What clothing should I wear?

First, you should bring at least two good pairs of cycling shorts or bibs (with quality chamois). This is your best protection against chafing or saddle sores. Beyond that, some other articles you’ll want to have:

  • Breathable, waterproof rain jacket (mandatory)
  • Waterproof pants (optional)
  • Short and long sleeve base layers and tops
  • Running or cycling tights (to be worn over cycling shorts)
  • Additional shirt or jersey layers of various weights
  • Comfortable “after-ride” clothing for hiking or around town exploration
  • Swimsuit
  • Light hiking shoes

Weather can be variable, especially in the mountains, so you’ll need to be prepared. It’s a good idea to bring a small backpack to hold extra clothing on rides or hikes in case they’re needed.

This is not intended to be a complete list, but only some of the important articles that you should have. If you’d like more information, let us know.

How do I know the bike will be a good fit for me?

eBike Nomads gathers information on your body dimensions, then compares that against our fleet of bikes (5 sizes) to make sure you have the bike that fits you best. Before our first ride, we’ll customize the bike’s components to ensure proper saddle height and bar reach. You can be assured that the combination of our expertise and wide range of bike sizes means you’ll ride a bike properly fit to you.

Can I bring my own pedals, saddle, and helmet?

Yes, just let us know what gear you have ahead of time so that we can be prepared.

Can I bring my own bike computer?

Yes, but each brand of computer has its own mounting system. Let us know what brand yours is and we’ll try to set up your bike accordingly.

Can I bring kids?

Our trips are designed for adults, but there’s no absolute age cutoff. Let us know if you want to include someone under 21-years-old and we’ll discuss it. Also, if you plan to book all guest spots on a trip, you’re free to bring anyone you want.

How does van support work?

Having a support van serves two important purposes:

  1. We use it to transport your gear to our next night’s destination, and
  2. It allows any rider to dismount, load their bike on the van’s rack, and shuttle forward as far as they’d like.

Except for limited occasions where we’re riding in remote, off-road locations, the van is almost always nearby.

Do you have luggage restrictions?

We ask that you limit the luggage you bring so that we can readily transport all gear between destinations. A soft-sided rolling duffle up to 80L, plus a backpack, is a good guideline.

Can you provide the .gpx route files

We sometimes change routes at the last minute based on rider preferences or local conditions. If you want .gpx files, we can provide them once finalized.

Can I book a room before or after a trip?

We officially gather late morning on the first day of each trip segment, so it is likely that you’ll need to stay at the start city the night before. Likewise, your travel arrangements at the end of a segment may require that you stay in a destination city for an extra night. We’ve reserved rooms at the same hotel as the Nomads staff on the day before and last day of a trip in case a guest should want to stay. Simply let us know well ahead of time and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Costs are extra and vary based on location.

What is the “stay together” protocol for rides?

We’re a small group and we prefer to ride together. Fortunately, our ebikes level the playing field to help us do this. But one thing is an absolute: the ride leader never lets anyone drop behind the group. If one or more guests want to zoom ahead, we may allow it if they have the route and destination loaded into a phone or bike computer and accept risks that might arise from being separated.

Are there evening events planned?

Shared meals on the first and last nights of our trips are included. Beyond that, we encourage each guest to explore and take full advantage of each destination’s offerings. We also recognize that each person’s interest is different and don’t want to impose a “one size fits all” entertainment solution onto the group. Go forth and explore boldly.

What is the “Nomads Table?”

On evenings when we don’t plan a shared meal, guests are free to choose amongst the many options available at a location, including joining the Nomads staff at a favorite restaurant. (Each guest is responsible for its own separate tab.) If you want private time away from the group, you can head out on your own. If you want to share evenings with fellow Nomads, we’re there to help make that happen.

Can I bring my own bike?

We have strong reasons for you to use our fabulous ebikes, but in special circumstances we allow guests to use their own bikes. If this is something that’s important to you, let us know and we can discuss options.

Do I have to use an ebike?

We hate to answer this with an absolute but can think of few situations where we’d allow a guest to ride a non-ebike. Talk to us if this is important to you.

Will I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, safety is of the utmost importance to us. All guests will be required to acknowledge the inherent risks of bike riding and to follow all eBike Nomads safety protocols—including wearing a helmet.

Do I need to have travel and/or health insurance?

To join an eBike Nomads trip, you will have to aquire and show proof of medical insurance with coverage in all countries where you’ll be visiting.

We don’t require it, but we also strongly recommend you obtain travel insurance in case you incur unexpected costs due to flight delays, cancellation, or other travel problems that affect your trip.

You can obtain medical and travel insurance separately, or you can find a policy that covers both. We use World Nomads for comprehensive coverage anytime we’re outside the US and suggest you consider doing the same. We have no connection to World Nomads and offer no endorsements; we simply use them because they offer what we need for both travel and medical insurance under one policy.

I’m traveling solo; can I have my own room?

Our pricing is based on double occupancy; that is, we set pricing assuming two guests per room. If you’re traveling solo, you can certainly have your own room, but it will require an additional fee that varies by trip. We love solo travelers and want you to join; talk to us about your needs and we’ll work it out.

What meals are included in the price?

Trips where we stay at a villa for the week are indicated as “All Inclusive,” meaning that all meals are included. For trips where we stay at boutique hotels, eBike Nomads sponsors two dinners (first and last nights) and provides all breakfasts and lunches.

What is your cancellation policy? Do you have a "COVID-19" policy?

eBike Nomads requires 50% payment on reservations and the remaining 50% no fewer than 60 days before the start of the reserved segment. Cancellations are allowed as follows:

  • 75% refund of amount paid for cancellation more than 120 days before start of trip
  • 50% refund of amount paid for cancellation between 90 and 120 days before start of trip
  • 25% refund of amount paid for cancellation fewer than 90 days before start of trip
  • Any amount not refunded on cancellation will be refunded if cancelled spot is filled by subsequent guest
  • Any amount that remains unrefunded may be applied to future trips

eBike Nomads does not have a special “COVID-19” cancelation exception. We strongly urge you to obtain Trip Cancellation and Travel Medical insurance, especially with the uncertainty of COVID-19 still lingering. Trip Cancellation and Travel Medical Insurance is there for you in case you are forced to cancel for health or safety reasons. Check out World Nomads (not affiliated) for insurance options.

How do I make payment to reserve a trip?

Once all details of a reservation are finalized, we will invoice you 50% of the trip price via email to reserve your place. We will invoice for the remaining 50% at approximately 90 days before start of trip. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or similar acceptable digital methods.

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