Shakespeare to Alps

Verona, Italy to Lienz, Austria
May 28 – June 3, 2023
    • Verona, Italy
    • Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy
    • Trento, Italy
    • Balzano, Italy
    • Terento, Italy
    • San Candido, Italy
    • Lienz, Austria

    7 days, 6 nights / Breakfast, lunch, two group dinners included
    $4,850 / €4,450 per person, double occupancy

    Fully booked

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    Full-Time Van Support

    Fabulous Lodging

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    Small Group Sizes

    Full-Time Van Support

    Fabulous Lodging

    eBikes for All

    Photo Workshops

    We continue the next leg of our 2023 Grand Tour starting in Verona, Italy, fabled home of Shakespeare’s tragic lovers, Romeo and Juliet. With Montagues and Capulets looming all around, we’ll explore Verona’s historic sites and wander through it countryside.

    From Verona, we’ll head off into hills to the north, meandering amongst fields that hang above river valleys. We then drop into the Adige River valley and head towards the beautiful cities of Trento and Bolzano, gateways to the mighty Dolomites that rise to the east and west.

    Mostly following broad river valleys, we reach the Alps, but turn to stay on its flank, heading east and rising steadily towards a low pass at Candido, just before the Austrian border. On our 7th day, we’ll drop into Lienz, Austria, having experienced geography, cities, villages, and people that tell the story of early Europeans’ love of a place that, at times certainly inhospitable, was clearly much too wondrous to ever leave.

    Day Zero
    Gather in Verona

    Nomads staff will gather in Verona on the afternoon of May 27 at the fabulous Relais Empire hotel in the heart of Verona, just a stone’s throw from the balcony made famous by Juliet’s call to her tragic lover. Though this evening is not an official part of the trip, guests are welcome to join us; we’ve made arrangements just in case and, space permitting, a room may be available for you. Take in a show or museum, choose amongst the many gastronomic offerings, or just relax and prepare for the incredible journey ahead.

    Tomorrow, we start this leg of our Grand Tour, pointed towards the Alps.

    Day One

    If you’ve stayed in Verona the evening prior, the morning is free for wandering the quiet of the old city. Officially, our trip starts today as we assemble at 11:00 AM to gather our Nomads clan, get a proper bike fit, share a first lunch, and head off into the surrounding hills for a short 25-mile ride. With a mid-afternoon return to our Verona hotel, you should have ample time to explore Verona—and and seek out one one very famous balcony.

    We’ll gather early evening to consider the question of Capulets or Montagues, then share a dinner to embrace our favorite clan. We will, however, do so without swordplay or magic potions, as northern Italy is adventure enough. With a toast to old Will Shakespeare and a nod to this great city, we’ll be off.

    Day Two
    Verona to Bosco Chiesanuova

    Following breakfast, we’ll toss our gear onto the van and hop onto our bikes to start our northward trek. Our gear will be transported to the evening’s accommodation at the Casa Leon D’Oro hotel in the village of Bosco Chiesanuova. Our 35-mile cycling route takes us into to the Lessinia region of pre-Alpine hills that lie between Italy’s northern plains and the infamous Dolomites ahead. We cross low mountains and wend through river valleys, finding small pathways and lanes perfectly suited for our adventure.

    At times, we’ll be certain that a wrong turn must have been taken, as the remoteness and tranquility of our setting seems better suited for donkeys and goats than modern bicycles. But it is exactly such places that we seek, the better to bring us closer to the land and people first amazed by this spectacular place. We arrive at our hotel mid-afternoon, leaving the evening free for relaxing, exploring, and dining on your own. You’re also welcome to join the “Nomads Table,” a place where the Nomads team will welcome any who wish to join.

    Day Three
    Bosco Chiesanuova to Trento

    Our trek continues northward, following our new morning ritual of breakfast, tossing gear into the van, and hopping onto bikes in the cool air of morning. Gear will be transported to our destination, Hotel Grand Trento, which aptly touts itself as Trento’s living room—with appropriate emphasis on “Grand.” Our near-50-mile route will fly by as a wonder of place consumes our attention. With the western Dolomites ahead and eastern Dolomites off our right shoulder, we’ll descend from the Lessinia hills into the Adige River valley, then follow the Eurovelo 7 route upstream to Trento. An early start and mid-afternoon arrival will allow time to explore this ancient gem of a city, nestled amongst grand mountains. Dinner is on your own, though, as always, you’re welcome to join the Nomads Table.

    Day Four
    Trento to Bolzano

    We continue upstream today along the Adige River, venturing off the official Eurovelo 7 route to visit highlands outside the valley. Our 41-mile route takes us to tonight’s destination, the Stadt Hotel Citta in Bolzano, traditional gateway to the Dolomites and Tyrolian Alps.

    A setting of mountain spires and castles snatched straight from fairy tales, Bolzano is a city that has for centuries served as a cultural and trade center of the region. An organic blend of Italian, German, and Austrian cultures, Bolzano is the perfect transition as one passes gently from one distinctive place to another, the requisite experience of any nomadic adventure. Castles, cathedrals, music, and culinary options reflecting north and south await us on arrival. Dinner is on your own or you can join us at the Nomads Table.

    Day Five
    Bolzano to Terenten

    Eastward towards Austria is the theme of this day. With Dolomites left and right and high Alps ahead, we steadily rise northeast through the Tyrol valley. Peaks and ski slopes loom above, but on this day, we’ll absorb the sights mostly from below, where serene meadows and quiet villages dot the landscape. Our 43-mile route will offer plenty of challenge, with each effort rewarded with ever-more spectacular vistas.

    Our destination is the Hotel Dolomiteblick near the village of Terenten, a rural haven high above the Pusteria Valley. A setting much different from cities of previous days, we’ll find ourselves in an outdoor paradise, with hiking, biking, or a visit to the spa as available options into the approaching solstice evening. You’ll be on your own to enjoy the hotel’s wonderful dinner offerings at your leisure, or you can join us at the Nomads Table.

    Day Six
    Terenten to San Candido

    If somehow you haven’t sensed the feeling of being nestled amongst the high Alps yet, this day will take you to that place. With a steady ascent up the valley, we find ourselves at the end of this day’s 37-mile ride in a place surrounded by snow sports of every flavor in winter, and every imaginable play option on foot and wheel in summer.

    Winter snows beget spring fields of flowers, and warm weather beckons us. We’ll rest this evening at the Il Tyrol Hotel and Spa in San Candido, a lovely village born of its Alpine setting. You’ll have time to explore the village or take a hike or be pampered at the spa before re-joining the group. On this, our last evening together for this portion of the journey, we’ll gather for a shared meal. At a place nearly 200 miles from where we started, we’ll toast each other and the treasures we’ve experienced. One last night, then we roll towards our next adventure.

    Day Seven
    San Candido to Lienz

    We load gear, mount bikes one last time, and take a lovely 27-mile end-of-trip ride through this Alpine paradise. We continue east, leaving Italy behind as we cycle into Lienz, Austria. It may be a short day on the bike, but there will be no shortage of beauty as we descend from high mountains to meadows, pastures, and a city nestled at the confluence of three rivers. We’ll take you to the train station if your travels require, or you can linger in Lienz as the Nomads team will.

    We encourage you to stay a night, as Lienz is filled with history, art, and culinary treasures too wonderful to miss. The Nomads staff will be staying at the beautiful Vergeiner’s Hotel Traube until we resume our journey in a couple of days. If you’d like to stay with us, we should be able to accommodate, availability permitting. Of course, if you’re continuing with us on the next segment of our journey, your place will already be reserved.

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